What we've determined

As in Laptop configuration, we've assigned the following:

  1. Work directory: /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode1 and /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode2
  2. Node name: datanode1 and datanode2
  3. Port number: 20006 and 20007
  4. GTM port: 20001

The configuration is very similar to GTM configuration. Now configure datanode1 first and datanode2.

You can create the template of coord1 as follows:

$ initdb --nodename=datanode1 -D /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode1

Please note that we specify the node name here. Then you configure coord1 like:

$ cat >> /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode1/postgresql.conf << EOF
gtm_port = 20001
port = 20006

This time, different from coordinators, you don't need to assing pooler_port.

You should do the similar thing with datanode2.

$ initdb --nodename=datanode2 -D /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode2
$ cat >> /home/postgresxc/pgxc/datanode2/postgresql.conf << EOF
gtm_port = 20001
port = 20007

That's it! You configured all the datanodes.

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