Postgres-XC Wiki

While I'm writing the reference manual of XC, I tested built-in functions listed in PG 9.0 reference manual. Most of the functions worked well, thank god. And I found the following functions don't look to work.

  • pg_listening_channels() -- does not return any rows.
  • inet_client_addr() (same as above)
  • inet_client_port() (same as above)
  • inet_server_addr() (same as above)
  • inet_server_port() (same as above)
  • version() -- returns base PostgreSQL version information.
  • has_function_privilege() --- Required additional left parehthesis
  • pg_get_ruledef() --- pg_rules does not include oid ...
  • col_description(object_oid, catalog_name) ---> tries to look for a column
  • col_description(object_oid) --> no function matches
  • shobj_description(object_oid, catalog_name) ---> returns null(?) row


  1. inet_* functions: they will return NULL if postmaster listens to UNIX domain socket. I tested both in multi-server environment and local environment but not using "localhost" and using -i option to start postgres. I had the same result.
  2. version(): Maybe the same cause as document making.
  3. has_function_privilege: input syntax seems to be okay but psql complains. Helpful if any of you have a working example to use this.

Functions I haven't tested so far:

  • pg_is_other_temp_schema(oid)
  • has_foreign_data_wrapper_privilege() --- Foreign Data Wrapper
  • has_server_privilege() --- Foreign Data Wrapper
  • has_tablespace_privilege() --- hard to test in local environment
  • pg_get_expr() --- Don't know how to use it ...
  • pg_get_tablespace_databases()


  1. Most of them needs multi-server environment to test. It's helpful if anybody has working example of pg_get_expr().