Postgres-XC Wiki

Core Members (Alphabetical Order)

Ashutosh Bapat

He is contributing Postgres-XC planner, including extension of aggregate function such as GROUP BY and cleaning up whole XC planner code to eliminate overhead accumulated through development.

Abbas Butt

He is contributing to various code including new distribution function, merge with PostgreSQL 9.0.3 source code, etc. He also contributed to extend table distribution feature, as well as stabilizing whole XC behavior.

Amit Khandekar

New core member. He is planning to contribute to subquery extension, as well as system function support.

Michael Paquier

Coordinator feature developer. He has developed a couple of GTM features, pooler extension and DDL synchronization. He helped in modifying DBT-1 benchmark for Postgres-XC. He also contributed to enhance pgbench in PostgreSQL 9.0.

Takayuki Suto

Test, performance evaluation and analysis, related documents and utilities. He contributed to build rpms and is now planning to run buildfarm for XC.

Koichi Suzuki

Project leader and architect. His background includes object relational database engine (UniSQL) and PostgreSQL development. He designed basic architecture of GTM and GTM-proxy. He is also the developer of XCM (XC cluster manager), GTM-Standby and other HA feature. He also integrated Postgres-XC reference manual with PostgreSQL reference manual.

Major Contributors (Alphabetical Order)

Andrei Martsinchyk

He has worked on Data Node, connection pooling and cursor support He is also GridSQL developer and is now developping aggregate functions and other cross-node operation.

Devrim Gunduz

Binary buiding for releases. He is also developping binary packages of PostgreSQL.

Mason Sharp

As a Coordinator developer, he has worked on planner and locator extensions. He is also the main architect of GridSQL database cluster.

Nikhil Sontakke

He is provided many bug fixes as well as suggestions of implementation.

Pavan Deolasee

Global Transaction Manager developer. He is well known as HOT developer in PostgreSQL. He is also helping in source code review and PostgreSQL internal, including BARRIER which harmonizes recovery point among servers.

Vivek Singh Raghuwanshi

He is volunteering to build Postgres-XC rpm package.